touching your heart
touching your heart

LULUMOV, the video authoring and broadcasting service,
can optimize the promotional video to each user and customer.


each user

The service is appropriate for Personalized Marketing as a result of its personalizing feature

Dive into your heart

Videos, have sounds and motions to reach your five senses, fit promotional purpose, compared to other contents such as images and text msgs.

sample movie

The contents are selected based
on user’s purchasing history.

Usage Examples

food sample movie food

Adjust the video's menu listings
based on the customers' tastes.

how to use
price plan

* The English version is currently in development.

free free free
0yen Coming Soon Coming Soon
Number of Distribution 10,000 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Length Max 120 SEC Max 120 SEC In Development
Personalized Voice Guidance ✓ ✓
PhotoStock Integration In Development ✓ ✓
Customer Integration
CSV Import In Development ✓ ✓
Google Spreadsheet In Development ✓ ✓
SalesForce In Development ✓ ✓
Oracle® Sales Cloud In Development ✓ ✓
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM In Development ✓ ✓
External API Integration In Development ✓ ✓
Customize ✓ ✓
Message Service Integration
Email In Development ✓ ✓
Short Message(SMS/MMS) In Development ✓ ✓
SNS In Development ✓ ✓
Reports In Development ✓ ✓
Support Email Support Email Support

Experience a brand-new kind of promotional video!

* The English version is currently in development.